Lore-El Center for Women’s Leadership

A beautiful, 4,500 square foot Victorian-style house located on Castle Point Terrace, the Lore-El Center provides a unique living and learning environment that promotes the empowerment of Stevens undergraduate women through programs, events, mentorship and a shared residential experience. It is a residence hall for a small group of female students who share the same interests, offering single, double and triple rooms.

Additionally, the building serves the entire university by hosting guest lectures, seminars and workshops of particular relevance to women. A major renovation began in 2017 to transform the center into a true hub for women’s programming at Stevens. Planned improvements include a dedicated for hosting educational and social programs and workshops, such as a women’s speaker series, alumni networking events, professional development and job shadowing opportunities.

Lore-El was named in 1999 after Lore E. Feiler, an entrepreneur industrialist who audited courses at Stevens during the 1940s and later became a generous donor. It was Feiler’s dream to establish a center that would nurture and support undergraduate women at Stevens.