The Davidson Laboratory

Founded in 1935, the Davidson Laboratory is one of the largest and most widely renowned hydrodynamic and ocean engineering research facilities in the nation. There are seven research units operating out of the Davidson Lab, including the Marine Observation and Prediction Laboratory, the Coastal Engineering Research Laboratory, the Maritime Systems Group and the Information Systems Group.

The research assets of the Davidson Lab include a 320-foot long high-speed towing tank with a monorail-supported, cable-driven carriage capable of speeds up to 100 feet per second, a programmable wave maker capable of generating monochromatic and random wave fields as well as shallow water conditions and state-of-the-art simulation software. Between those assets and its world-renowned experts, the Davidson Lab is utilized daily by more than 4,000 marine, aerospace and defense industry leaders, federal and municipal agencies, and a host of private and academic research groups.

The Davidson Lab runs many urban resilience research projects in and around New York Harbor, including experiments on marine craft and coastal structures, weather forecasting, and creating coastline rebuilding solutions. It also runs a citizen science project to help Hoboken residents report and stay on top of flooding conditions.